Video: Ecumenical Stations of the Cross in Bayswater, Perth, Western Australia
VietCatholic Network3/30/2013
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Catholic and Anglican youth took turns carrying the Cross in the Stations of the Cross on the streets of Bayswater, Perth, Australia on Good Friday 29 of March. The ecumenical service, organised by both St. Columba Catholic Church and St. Augustine Anglican Church drew hundreds of Catholics and Anglicans, who walked, sang and prayed together.

As a traditional practice among followers of the Roman Catholic and Anglican faiths, the Stations of the Cross allows Christians to have a spiritual walk with Jesus, taking them back to the events surrounding his prosecution, crucifixion, death and resurrection.

Father Minh Thuy Nguyen, the parish priest of St. Columba’s, said he and his Anglican counterpart Reverend Kate Wilmot organized the ecumenical Stations of the Cross "to bear witness to our common hope and to give their parishioners a chance to sing together the beautiful and inviting sound of the word of God.”

Stations of the Cross "is a blessing for us until we join again", said Reverend Wilmot at the end of the service.

The service started at the Anglican church and ended at the Catholic Church, where Catholic and Anglican attendees received their blessing from the Catholic and Anglican pastors.

Ecumenical Stations of the Cross Good Friday Service at Bayswater, an initiative of Catholic Fr. Huynh Nguyen and his Anglican counterpart, Fr. Peter Manuel, seven years ago, was warm welcomed by members of both the communities who believed that by walking and praying together, they could show people they confess the one faith, and keep the fraternal harmony of the family of God.

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